add on for your home security system BlueScout Overview

BlueScout detects unwanted persons near or in your house, office or other location. Technically, it sends an alarm when unknown smartphones are detected during night or seen multiple days.

Daily reports are sent every morning and real time alarms can be configured via our portal. For more technical information how these alarms look like, please visit this page.

Existing home security products have limitations. Security cameras generate false alarms, like unable to distinguish between animals and humans. Also cameras have reduced performance during night. Motion sensors are unable to distinguish between animals, humans or motion caused by the wind.

BlueScout is a useful add on for home security systems that can reduce false alarms and gives new insights. It offers a professional service for security intelligence firms and system integrators.



BlueScout system How does it work?

Nearby people

People carry with them smartphones, but also other electronic equipment, like smartwatches that leave wireless traces.


Sensors are installed around the object of interest. They collect wireless traces (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth) from personal electronic equipment such as smartphones.


Sensors upload data to the private cloud via fixed or mobile internet.





Private cloud

Sensed data are processed and analyzed to detect uncommon movement patterns.


Daily briefings and/or realtime alarms are sent to the customer.


frequently asked questions FAQ

How can I configure the alarms?

Alarms can be configured via the portal. It includes setting the guard time window (default 23:00 to 06:00) and the time window for recurrent visits (default 3 days). Also other settings, like zone names, email address can be configured here.

How are smartphones identified?

BlueScout uses the so-called MAC address for detecting a smartphone, which is an unique hardware ID. Some smartphones use a temporarily MAC address, here auxiliary data is used instead for recognition.

Do privacy laws like GDPR apply to BlueScout?

Data is collected on private premises, privacy laws don’t apply. In addition, BlueScout supports a range of optional privacy methods to anonymize the data.

Can I use mobile internet?

Yes, in cases where there is no fixed internet, a different sensor can be used, that has an integrated 4G modem. Please contact us for details.

What is the detection range?

The detection range of the sensor can be configured by adjusting the signal strength threshold, to discard weak (far away) signals. Maximum detection range is up to 100 meter.

What is the detection success?

Detection of a smartphone depends on many factors such as the power state of the smartphone. We estimate that more than 75% of all smartphones can be detected, based on our experience in the event and retail market.




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